The Archives

The Door to Nowhere

Anna Artuso’s Pastry ShopCross County CenterBeware of Sign Eating TreesYonkers Train StationThe Antique Street Lamps of Warburton AveThe Ruins of the Eschmann Carraige House

The T.V. Tower at St. Joseph SeminaryMissing: The Lions and Rams of Cross County

St. Joseph’s Seminary

The Best View of NYC from Yonkers

28 Years and Counting…Angel’s Hot Dog TruckWestchester’s Ridge HillDaylighting the Saw Mill RiverR.I.P. T.V. Tower of St. Joseph’s SeminaryR.I.P. T.V Tower of St.Joseph’s Seminary Part IIBryn Mawr Train Station-Old PUTHorsin’ Around at Yonkers Raceway

Searching for Train Tracks in Tibbetts ParkFavorite Finds: Lucy the ElephantThe Costco CemeteryTibbetts PoolThe Swamps of YonkersWhere Have you gone Charlie Brown?The Staircase to NowhereMetro Comer Fresco!Blood into Wine-Page Spring Cellars-Cornville, AZFollow the Yellow Brick Road – Peekskill, NYGazing out on the Hudson at Hudson-Fulton ParkDancing in the Summer Streets- Park Ave, New YorkHappy Thanksgiving and…

Top Secret:The Alternate Entrance to Stew LeonardsExploring New Pathways On The Old PutAfter Nearly A Century…Gorton High School Gets A MarqueeThe Worst Bus Stop In Yonkers

Luck of the Irish on McLean Ave.The Spookiest Spot in Yonkers

The King of Cross County is Dead

Irish News in Yonkers

The Sacking of Nathans in YonkersIMG_2157Italian Trees in Arizonaphoto7 copySweet Home Chicago in Arizonaphoto9 copy

The Top 5 Pizza Places in YonkersIMG_0405 copyAntiquing in ArizonaIMG_0567 copyThe New Animals of Cross CountyIMG_0394 copyDam! That Dam is Dam Big!IMG_0330 copy

Surviving the Oasis of the Salton SeaIMG_0695

Could Roy Hobbs Have Hit One Out of Fleming Field?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Indian at the Westchesterchief3 copyFill’er Up at Bing’s Burger CafeIMG_0550 copy

Accessibility for Everyone in YonkersIMG_0454 copyIs This Really True?IMG_0626 copyTop Make-Out Spots in YonkersCutlass_11The Coolest Job in YonkersIMG_2106 copyMy Home in MyYonkersJosh's APT-3 copyCrossing Over the Ash Avenue BridgeIMG_0538 copyBeta Gamma Your Alpha Donuts – Woodside, QueensIMG_1852 copyMy Elementary School in MyYonkersIMG00980-20120210-1613 copyThe Bronze Shoppers of ScottsdaleIMG_0810 copyPeek-A-Boo Stop Sign in YonkersIMG_1268 copyPatching Up the Unpatchable – The Rise and Fall of Corporate Hyper-Local NewsIMG_0750“Yonkers Yonkers Yonkers!!!”rod-serlingThe Legend of Two Guns ArizonaIMG_1013Nathan’s Comeback in YonkersIMG_0053 copyMyYonkers Conversations: Bill BorelliIMG_1011 copyRemembering the Yonkers Leprechaun Joe Buzzutto16bigcity_CA0-articleLargeMyYonkers Conversations: Mr. FazioIMG_1227The Crazy Dreams of Samuel Untermyer in YonkersIMG_1415 copyThe Pioneers of Snowflake ArizonaIMG_1006 copyHappy Birthday MyYonkersJoshbday copyWhat is the Reputation of Yonkers?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHyatt Place in Cross County’s PlaceFullSizeRender_3The Death of A&P on McLeanIMG_4366 copyMy Park in MyYonkersBregano7 copy


10 thoughts on “The Archives

  1. How could you not mention Menger’s Bakery, Tocco’s Italian Resturante, Lorenzen’s Deli…. All within a few 100 yards of each other on Yonkers Ave…. Well, that was back a few years…

  2. A blast from the past idea = Landy’s Deli not far from Enrico Fermi. My first year of teaching at Gorton HS was an unforgettable experience. During Regents Exam week in 1989, this rookie teacher had to order for the teachers and staff, collect the money, and drive to Landy’s to pick up the huge footlong wedges, and bring them to the teachers for lunch. Coaches Stahl and Ripalone were my mentors then. If you want to research the Landy’s tradition, contact Mr. Rocco Riti.

    • Hey thanks for the suggestions! I LOVE Solazzo’s and used to be a Busboy when I was in High School at La Grotta when it was La Grotta just up the block.

  3. Hey, I love the website and Im not sure if you noticed but the archives dont work anymore, every link does not load. I really hope you can fix this because I know you put a lot of work into each individual story and I hope they are not lost. Great website, really miss being able to see the seminary stories and the cross county/ bronx river road ones. Thanks for all the hard work. Praying you can do something to make the archives active again. From a born and raised YONKERSITE

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