A Candy Graveyard: Economy Candy – New York, NY

FullSizeRender1As the years have passed, we’ve all come to know the mind-boggling quantities of sugar that go into some of our favorite candy treats.

With this much sweetness intact, no candy ever dies, it just ends up here…at Economy Candy on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The place is a living museum and monument to not only old time Candy Stores that used to dot the landscape of 20th century New York City but also the candies themselves, some of which haven’t probably seen the light of day in decades other than on the shelves of Economy Candy.

Honestly, if you have never been and live in NY, let alone are visiting the big apple, it’s worth the trip over to Rivington St. because the floor to ceiling selection of chocolates, candies and old time favorites will leave you not only with insulin shock but also nostalgia and fuzzy warm feelings.

The place has everything…I mean EVERYTHING!  Take a look…



Gotta love the fact that a new generation of wannabe hooligans can get their Candy Cigarette on!


More gumballs, jellybeans and hard candies than 20 gas stations put together.


So when I was a kid, Jose Canseco was king and the gum that the Topps Baseball Card company gave you in the package was majorly out of date and stale…god only knows what’s in there now.


Another candy store must have…Astronaut Ice Cream

FullSizeRender12Candy buttons galore


This was one of my Dad’s favorites and he’d always hold out hope that the 7-11 or Mobil Station would have it on the counter, somewhere in the back…who knows where.  No Dad, these guys can only be found here.


The place itself is really beautiful with its copper ceilings and floor to ceiling selection…tight aisles also make for a cozy atmosphere.


Christmas is right around the corner…


Even the scale to weight the candy they sell by the pound is cool…very old school and very NYC.


So here’s to Economy Candy, sweetening all of our lives since 1937 and a treasure that surely will meet it’s demise at some point I suppose, to be replaced by a trendy cupcake shop or worse, a Duane Read.