The Death of A&P on McLean

IMG_4366 copy

IMG_4363The older I get, the more I have to stop myself from mourning the loss of all childhood locals as I realize with great pride that I am simply one of a crowd.

A long list of mourners who have watched time march on and their beloved memories and structures pass on by with it.

For me, if it wasn’t the old Finest in Cross County, long gone now or the Waldbaumb’s on Central Ave., long gone as well, it was this place that my family did their food shopping.

This too was a Waldbaumb’s of course, but when it changed over in the 2000’s, the place didn’t seem to skip a beat and while this particular locations was always packed, somehow or another, either through competition, bad accounting practices or otherwise, A&P said goodbye for good on Sunday in New York.

There really is no “bad news” associated to this post, no day of mourning to be had like in the case of Nathan’s or Charlie Browns.

Slated to open back up in a few days as an Acme Food Store, time will go march on, things will be back to business and from what I gathered, most of the dozens of employees at this location on McLean Ave. will keep their jobs.

The place was a ghost town and looked more like a pending Blizzard was about to hit when I stopped by the night before closing…


One thing I will miss though are these guys right here…the quarter machines where quality and plastic intersect to give the customer a prize worth keeping for years to come.


An interesting fact about New Yorkers…all meats are preferred over Bologna apparently.


The Produce aisle…




As with any new business venture in Yonkers, I wish it well and truly do hope that this store can continue to serve Little Ireland for years to come.

Walking around this supermarket, no matter what the name says on the outside of the door, makes me feel like a kid and I can vividly see my Dad frantically racing down the aisles, elbowing old ladies, gleefully grabbing bargains and marveling at his purchases as we make the 90 Degree turn out the door.

Personally though, I’ll stick with C-Town on Katonah Ave for now…Yonkers can get my tax money through its many pizzerias and Deli’s.