Hello Again!

IMG_3464Being the curator of this website, I’ve found in the last 5 years that its taken on the characteristics of a relationship, with highs and lows and even falling outs.  Still though, like any good relationship, I’m still here and so are you!

Just as when I began MyYonkers, I still love this city as if it were a person.

And while I’ve moved around a bit, living in Arizona in 2013 and currently residing 5 blocks south of McLean Ave. in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx, Yonkers will always keep its magic and wonder in my eyes, despite gentrification, segregation, litigation, legislation and any other “tions” I may have missed there.

I look forward to expanding the “Outside of MyYonkers” section of this site in 2015, as well as profiling more individuals in the MyYonkers Conversations Section and as always, covering the ins and outs of the city through my own unique lens.

I missed writing on here in 2014 and also, despite the site being dark for a year, I received dozens of email inquiries about former articles, was asked about the site countless number of times and our social media presence even increased, meaning people were “liking” a facebook page for a website that no longer existed.

So to really fire things back up on here, I will be publishing 12 NEW articles in the month of April!

Please know that I look upon this site as an extension of a great community, past and present and the overwhelming number of memories and comments shared over the years have simply been a testament to how great a City Yonkers truly is.

Thank you for continuing to come back to MyYonkers to read the articles and I hope that my ideas and words can create a positive emotional response in your heart and that you can have continue enjoyment on MyYonkers!




One thought on “Hello Again!

  1. I realize the post that I am replying to is dated, and I hope you are still checking this blog, Josh. I just wanted you to know that upon discovering your wonderful website a few days ago, I am beginning to learn to love my Yonkers once again.

    I have had a falling out with my home city which is most unfortunate. For years, I have bashed and neglected it’s importance in my life. I believe this is because over time, I began comparing it to all of the new places that I have discovered.

    Over the years, frustration evolved into disgust and down I went into a hate Yonkers spiral. I lingered at the bottom for many months, trying to rediscover the child-like wonder I had for my misfit hometown. And then I discovered your little gem, myyonkers.net. Now I can’t wait to take a bicycle “tour-de Yonkers” of my very own to visit the locations mentioned on this site. It is wonderful to not only learn new things about a town I thought I knew everything about, but to also learn of a person who is just as fascinated with with it as I am.

    In retrospect, the exposure to life that growing up in a place like Yonkers has brought both triumph and tribulation. These experiences have shaped my life and contributed greatly to the person that I have become. Thank you, Josh for allowing me to remember where I came from. My eyes, once again, are wide open.

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