What is the Reputation of Yonkers?


A few months ago I read an article that was titled “10 Yonkers Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate”, by Maria Scinto, a writer on a real estate website OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMovoto.com.

I’m certainly not about to go through all 10 as many of them are fairly ridiculous to say the least, but I thought a few of these so-called stereotypes would make for some interesting debate as to their validity.

Here are a few that I thought were the most interesting observations about the city of Yonkers and her people.

  • Residents never miss a chance at name-dropping whether it’s a Yonkers celebrity or mutual friend

Ok so I changed this one up a bit because I believe it should have been worded as such.  I don’t know about you but I am sure my name has been tossed around like a midget at a bachelorette party as it seems as though everyone in the city is a mere one degree of separation away from everyone else.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Oh you went to Gorton HS…class of 86’….did you know so and so?”  “Oh you used to hang out on Carol Ave.?…Were you friends with such and such?” “Oh you used to use the bathroom at Macy’s before catching the 20 bus to go up to Central Ave…did you ever see blah blah blah?”

It’s actually an endearing quality and one that I longed for when I would live outside of NY and the chances of running into someone who used to know my elementary teacher Mrs. Aglione because she’s their cousin and their daughter went to Gorton HS, the same school I graduated from, only she was a year ahead of me….yea that’s not gonna happen out in Phoenix AZ.

  • Yonkers is full of cops and teachers

Now I’m sure we can debate this one for a while here but when I think of Yonkers, I don’t think to myself, “my gosh…this city has nothing but Law Enforcement and Educators!”  Sure within the 4 Precincts there are hundreds of Law Enforcement personnel and the school district has tens of thousands of students, resulting in over 1500 full-time teachers in the district. But still come on…cops and teachers?

Obviously the city boasts many many other professional opportunities, from Firemen and EMS to local businesses and so on.  As with others on the list, I thought this one was a stretch.

  • People of Yonkers cling to their culinary past

This one I felt was fairly spot on as we do reminisce about places like Landi’s Deli, El Torito, Horn and Hardart, hell even the lunch counter at Woolworth’s was a gem of a place to get a grilled cheese and fries.

You all saw how torn up I got about the loss of Nathan’s on Central Ave. and at least that place does still exist 8195670144_de0a39c3e4_zin one form or another.

Most places around the world take their food very seriously so I don’t necessarily look at it as a point of distinction, rather an endearing quality that makes any city great.

  • The city is super-diverse, but by neighborhoods

IMG_0405Again, a valid point and one that I think the city is finally doing a good job in excepting and embracing.

The St. Patrick’s Day parade Should take place on McLean Ave., South Broadway just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

South Broadway should be lined with Caribbean, Hispanic and South American cuisine because in large measure, that is the population that now inhabits that neighborhood.

When they built the Starbucks on Bronx River Rd. a number of years back, my initial response was “finally!”.  It’s an area of young professionals, college students and um…we’ll call them, seasoned residents; all of whom utilize the place daily and needed a reliable coffee shop to meet their needs.

To read all 10 of the Yonkers stereotypes, click here and lemme know what you think about the one’s I mentioned in the comment section below.



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