Happy Birthday to MyYonkers!

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IMG00986-20120210-1616Back in 2011, I began finding more and more bloggers out there whose passion for people and places and things, stirred something within me to bite the bullet, acknowledge the creativity of others and then go create something of my own.

At the time I had also met about four other Yonkers bloggers out there, the best of which in my opinion far and away were these guys…SoYoSunset. 

This is an amazing “resource” for lack of a better term as these gentlemen have left no stone unturned in their endeavor to not only cover the city from top to bottom, but also to create a forum with millions of postings from people who currently reside in Yonkers, or who used to reside in Yonkers, or those who have never left Yonkers in their minds,  where the city of the 1960’s is still vividly trapped inside their heads each and every day.IMG_0189 copy

Being honest though, the blogger who really inspired the creation of MyYonkers was a guy named Nick Carr, someone I have become friends with and a very talented Film Scout and Writer who after working in NYC for a number of years scouting film locations, decided to write about the places he gets to see day in and day out on ScoutingNY.com.

So I did the best I could to model my site after his and find my own Ins and Outs of Yonkers, the city where I was raised.

I made a great many discoveries about myself and about the people who read this blog in the last three years.  I always knew I could be a writer but there’s being a writer with seven screenplays tucked away in a bottom draw somewhere and then there’s actually putting your work out there and consistently doing so, whether it is your job or simply your passion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFunny though how perspective in life is everything.

In 3 years time I have published 75 articles on here.  Some may look at that number in admiration while others…myself included, look at it and wish it were much higher.

Many people ask me how I go about choosing the things I write about and the short answer is that I want to always look for a creative and original way to showcase people and places in Yonkers that many residents most likely already know about, but have not perhaps considered the perspective that I’m offering.

My audience when I write each article are always the residents of Yonkers.  If outsiders enjoy the articles, all the better.

We’ve all been to Artuso’s, but I wondered how many residents realized the history behind the bakery and the hard work, the love and the unity it brings to McLean Ave?

The tradition of Yonkers Raceway and the litany of events, thrills and heartaches that have been endured on that exact parcel of land for over a century…

The fact that Bronx River Rd. has Sign Eating Trees and Doorways to No Where….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Or even simply, using MyYonkers as a platform to share my feelings regarding the ever-changing city and mourn the loss of places like Burger King and Nathan’s, two Alma Maters of my youth and relics that I hope will never be forgotten by a few of us punk kids who haunted those locations day and night.

I know I don’t churn out content as often as other bloggers.  I know I’m not god’s gift to writing nor do I write with the charm and charisma of a seasoned writer and one who has strengthened their writing muscles to a degree where Congress would investigate them for performance enhancing drug use. ( Is that joke still even relevant?)

IMG_0946I suppose just as any writer/blogger/creator of content, we simply do what we do, just cause.  I’ll take quality over quantity any day of the week and I believe New Yorkers, specifically Yonkersites are the same.

I truly appreciate the engagement that has developed on the site.  If you look back, many articles now have dozens of comments left in them, where people have connected with others to share similar memories or sentiments regarding the given topic of discussion.

So as always, thank you so much for reading this blog, those that do regularly or the first timers who stumbled upon it and know that my efforts will continue for the forseeable future in bringing high quality content to the blog.

Happy 3rd Birthday MyYonkers…here’s what I looked like when I was your age…living in Yonkers 🙂


Josh Summertime-1983


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to MyYonkers!

  1. Hi Josh,

    I haven’t been able to find out much more on the Austin Ave area. I would think with its rich history of Indian campgrounds, the Austin family purchase of 1780, still existing stone wall and rudimentary foundations, a previous pickle factory, ice house, grist mill, and Jewish cemetery dating to the 1600s, this location would be ripe for study. There are still old dirt roads and of course the infamous dump remnants. This fellow Frank Rice sold 10 acres to the city in 1948 for $20,000. This allowed the city to purchase the land to continue dumping for the cost of covering it up with soil, as contracted. It is a very interesting story. The stately home, at the crest of the avenue was also purchase to save the city litigation fees.

    On another subject, I remember these old, fine stone walls in the center of Homefield. I read Homefield was once the Odell estate, which became St Andrews golf course. In 1934, the old Odell manor house was torn down, and Homefield began. Would you know where a picture of the Odell manor house would be? Thanks

    Ted Bratro

    Please note: message attached

  2. I can’t believe I can’t find a picture of the Odell Manor house. In 1888 it became the clubhouse for St Andrews golf club, and in 1934 was torn down when Homefield began building. I seem to remember some stone walls at the highest point in Homefield. i found an old map where Odell Ave at one time went to Sprain Road.

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