Remembering the Yonkers Leprechaun Jess Buzzutto

16bigcity_CA0-articleLargeWhat would a St. Patrick’s Day be in Yonkers without taking at least some time to fondly remember and eulogize a Yonkers legend. A man who always could be seen in his later years sporting that green cap and waving to passersby near his home off Roberts Ave.

I myself have never seen him believe it or not, never took the time or was graced by the good fortune of running into him, either by driving by his home or seeing him in Stew Leonards, Stop N Shop or where ever else sightings of him existed.

According to a 2010 NY Times profile on him, Jess Buzzutto, known forever as simply “The Yonkers Leprechaun”, worked as a computer programmer most of his life and once in retirement, embraced his green roots I suppose and could be seen daily in the green get-up.

I am sure that readers on here have many more memories than I do of Jess, whether they be in Yonkers or even Manhattan where apparently he would catch a train and head down to the big city, wool cap and all.

Marching in the St. Patty’s Day parade in 2010 and bringing smiles to so many residents over the years, I suppose his legacy as the Yonkers Leprechaun belongs in the Yonkers pantheon of other great and legendary men and women of this city.

Still though, Ella Fitzgerald, Steven Tyler, DMX, Jess Buzzutto “The Yonkers Leprechaun”…it’s a crack squad to say the least.

If you have any Yonkers Leprechaun memories, please be sure and share them in the comments below 🙂 Thanks guys!



One thought on “Remembering the Yonkers Leprechaun Jess Buzzutto

  1. I remember are lucky Yonker leprechaun my daughter took a picture with him and was so excited to do so , he was very pleasant when I ask can we take a picture with you , he smiled and said y yes ,, may he rest in peace

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