The Bronze Shoppers of Scottsdale

IMG_0810 copy

IMG_0816Many hidden entities disguise themselves in malls across America, such as the Indian at the Westchester Mall and in Scottsdale, AZ, where the tender sight of a mother and daughter spending a day shopping at the mall is permanently affixed to a fountain near the food court, encased in bronze and frozen in time.

As far as I know, the statue has been there since the early 1990’s when the Scottsdale Fashion Mall IMG_0807opened up, giving residents a wider and more modern variety of stores and sadly, defuncting in the process the older Los Arcos Mall located just down the street and made famous by such movies as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

While in the food court with its massive atrium and natural lighting, many passersby probably have never taken the time to appreciate the life-like statue, with its beautiful detailing of a mother dressed in a business suit, a child holding her teddy bear and a bundle of gifts, perhaps the end of a long day of holiday shopping for the two of them.


Even the mother’s purse is depicted with amazing and beautiful detail.


These moments suspend time in my opinion, as we all probably have statues in our minds such as this one of ourselves with our parents.


Shopping at Cross County, Getty Square, The Galleria in White Plains or wherever, spending the day with our Mothers, carrying around countless numbers of shopping bags with us and not thinking about prices or logistics or anything of an adult nature is something special to say the least.


For me, living across the street from Cross County as a kid and also trekking not only to White Plains but into the big city itself, memories of train rides home, cab rides home, walking home as the snow just begins to fall in the evening; they are all as clear and detailed in my mind as the statue represents.

Mom & Josh @ Trump Towers-1988

Riding the Metro North train home from Grand Central, sandwiched between the train window and about a dozen Macy’s bags, the dark sky on the outside and the warmth of the train inside, my Mom nodding off and having to remind her that Fleetwood is the next stop; all of these were my accoutrements of a perfect day and just as with the statue, are forever frozen in time for me to enjoy.

Mom & Josh-1990IMG_0808I love this statue for what it represents; a time in our youth when being with your Mom did matter and was the only place in the world you can ever imagine being.

If you ever find yourself at the Scottsdale Mall, take time out to sit beside this bronze family and marvel at the beauty, the wonder and love of a mother and daughter and an intimate invitation into their world, after a long day of shopping and creating life-long memories.



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