Top Make-Out Spots in Yonkers


Cutlass_11This is a post I have been wanting to compile, examine and share for sometime but other areas of my life needed more of my attention.

Now that I have fulfilled obligations, been responsible; now that I have done what needed to be done, now ladies and gentlemen, the real work begins!

Certainly, I am sure everyone has a favorite make-out spot from their adolescence, Yonkers or not.

Heck, some people I know who grew up in Yonkers would be fine in the stairwell of their apartment building, let alone a dark and lonely stretch of road, deserted school parking lot or some dead-end street on the south side of town.

I figured this post would be more fun with audience participation so I’ll get the ball rolling on our favorite make-out spots in Yonkers and then if you would, please leave your favorite place in the comments section below!

Why you may ask…because inquiring minds want to know!!!

  • 1304 Midland Ave – Front Lawn

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOk ok, so maybe this is TMI for those who know me best and read this but let’s face it, when you are 14 and unable to drive, you need to improvise when wanting some alone time with a girl.

Now mind you, this may also be one of the dumbest make-out spots in Yonkers and I only recommend this place as a last resort to those teenagers who have gotten kicked out of at least 10 other places around the city and keep getting harassed by the cops at the 2nd precinct.

And no, I don’t know that from experience, why do you ask?

The main and most obvious reason this is a foolish place to make-out with a girl has…oh I dunno….something to do with the fact that there are about 200 windows surrounding you and with an audience that could total in the hundreds, you might as well charge admission or as others would say, “get a room!”.

Again, this was not my location of choice but it got the job done on occasion. ( I can hear a collective sigh from women across America…)

IMG00248-20101016-1013Merely a stones throw away from the exhibitionist style hill I mentioned before is the more secluded but yet dangerous parking lot of Cross County.

I use the word danger because at any time, you really do run the risk of getting pinched by one of Cross County’s finest.

These security guys are ex LAPD and when the batons come out and the badge numbers come off, you know it’s time to throw it in drive and try your luck somewhere else.

Still though, there used to be very sleepy areas of the parking lot where you could buy yourself an hour or so.

Nowadays, not so much, sorry kiddos.

IMG00983-20120210-1615Many of you may see a running theme here but again, growing up in this area of Yonkers, I had to utilize the natural landscape in which I was surrounded by.

Now this location was and still is a great location for getting some alone time with your significant other.

Cops rarely frequent the area so you should find some privacy here and if someone does knock on your car window, it’s probably just one of the harmless and friendly feral mud people who inhabit the woods surrounding the school.

Ok I kid, but as I stated earlier, this is still a good option at last check and an added bonus will be the soothing sounds of the Cross County Parkway to your south, always a mood setter.

These and other places around the city truly serve as haunting and in some cases bittersweet memories of our youth.  Our misguided, misspent, often rushed, youth.  I have other places I could name but I’m interested in YOUR places around the city and surrounding area.

Please leave the name of the street or cross streets and or how to get there.  My goal is that a new generation of hormone driven teenagers will use this article as a resource and as if they were researching how to enrich plutonium, they too can learn that the city of Yonkers, under the cover of darkness, can offer much more than just mischief and mayhem.



25 thoughts on “Top Make-Out Spots in Yonkers

    • Hahaha, because you are one of many “inquiring minds” and because that is what makes you…you, Stephanie 🙂

  1. I’m way ahead of you guys, I graduated from Roosevelt HS in 1949, pre NYS Thruway. The four corners at the HS were overgrown vacant lots with the exception of the corner accross from the school (Tuckahoe RD) was the club house for the Grassie Sprain golf course, pre the X county Shopping center, which was known as “The Canel” and that’s 73 for now because this is getting maudlin. Have a great day.

    • Wow Jack, you really do go way back. Other places I could have written up include but are not limited to…Tibbetts Park, Lincoln HS Parking Lot and behind Saunders HS.

  2. What happened to watching the submarine races at the JFK Marina? You guys missed the best spot! I guess you didn’t get over to our side of town!

  3. Was the access door to the roof of our building locked by the time you were 14? THAT was the best make-out spot in Yonkers when I was a kid!

    • Yes! I actually have used this spot myself, thank you for reminding me…but let’s admit it, a cemetary is not exactly an ideal place to make-out you know…definitely make sure the doors are locked and windows are rolled up.

  4. Josh, they’re right, you missed a bunch, Leslie Sutherland Park, Cook Field, Tibbets, Alexanders parking lot, Murrays skating rink, etc. Spent a lot of the late 70’s looking for places.

    • Murry’s Skating rink?? Yea I suppose you could go behind the bleachers or after hours in the lot. Cook field is good but again, by the time I was around in the 90’s, the cops were always making patrols late at night at parks so they were not always the best options. A Dead end street would have been better unless there was a copy cat Son of Sam running around…

  5. Joshman,
    What about the roof of Black & Decker on Central Avenue. They had an entrance at the rear of the property. With a ramp to the auxilliary parking lot on top. You could look to the north from there as well as south to the old Nathan’s. Also directly accross from the old Caldor’s. The lot was dark & it was a quiet gathering place for youth’s who wanted some privacy. Not sure if this building is still around? I moved from Yonkers in the early 90’s. Then moved out of state in 2003.

    • Yea John, many buildings are no longer around that you mentioned including Nathans. I never thought to take my extra-curricular activities to the roof top but that’s not a bad idea.


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