Accessibility for Everyone in Yonkers

IMG_0454 copyYonkers Ave., specifically from the area around the Raceway down to Kimball Ave. can resemble sections of New Jersey if you take into account the amount of Diners that reside on this 1.2 mile stretch of roadway.

Whether they are old standbys like the Raceway Diner, the smaller but even better Clairmont Diner just further east down the road or if you are like me, you enjoy the flair, the sassiness and just overall ambiance of my favorite, the Argonaut Diner near the corner of Yonkers Ave. and Kimball Ave.

Mind you, I certainly do not need to go into all of the strictly New York nuances of a Diner as many of the readers on here have sat in Diners for hundreds of hours in their lives.

I did however think it was interesting that the diner was so explicit about who they give seating preference to, which is pretty much anyone except if you are healthy, young and vibrant.

Are you expecting?  Do you have a small child?  Are you in a wheel chair? Do you walk with a cane?  Do you have foot fungus?  Hang nail?  Worried that you may be coming down with bird flu?  Having indigestion because of the late night run to the McDonald’s right down the block?  Just feeling “out of it”, “withdrawn”, or the ever popular, “tired”?

Well if you answered yes to any of these ailments, yes, you sir or madam will have preferential seating at the good ol’ Argonaunt Diner in Yonkers!



2 thoughts on “Accessibility for Everyone in Yonkers

    • Hey Stephanie, glad to hear from you and that you’re still reading this! Hope your summer goes well, talk to you soon.

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