Is This Really True?


Just read this statement and tell me if this makes any sense at all..

Heather, 10th Grade. Worked 45 minutes on term paper. Worked 9 hours on night shift

What was thinking with this one?

I have seen this Ad in many malls across the U.S. now and recently, it cropped up in both Cross County Shopping Center and even the Galleria Mall in White Plains.

In both cases, I was left shaking my head and feeling bad for poor Heather here, as, on top of probably other people in her life, have probablyIMG_0626 copy convinced her that yes, since you only spent less than an hour on that term paper in 10th grade, you will now be relegated to a life of drudgery, humping 9 hour shifts at a fast food restaurant, FOREVER!!!

I’m gonna be the brave one and for Heather’s sake and the sake of other “Heathers” out there who spent less than an hour working on their all important, so high and mighty Term Paper…I say, bullshit!

Sigh…there I said it, my first expletive on MyYonkers ever and god damn it, it felt good, what a release.

More seriously though, who the hell do these guys think they are?  I mean they have the resources and reach to put their billboards anywhere in this country and instead of using this power to encourage, they come up with this?

What happened, slow day in the writing department?  They should have called me because I could think of 1,000 messages to put on a billboard, much more inspiring and motivational than this drivel, which by the way, will encourage no one to do anything.

IMG_0627 copy 2Well, it may encourage people to do one thing, avoid working at fast food places at all costs, which comes with its own detriment as many people will need to swallow their pride at times in life and take jobs that they feel are beneath them in order to move forward and improve the quality of their life.

Hey, how about giving Heather credit for at least working, saying something like:

Heather, 10th grade. Worked on term paper for 45 minutes. Now works even harder to support herself and her family.

I dunno, listen, yes, obviously…you should have higher aspirations than fast food in life, unless that really is what you want to do and by doing that job, you can have the life you want.

I just feel that it is irresponsible and just wrong for to promote this kind of message.  Their messages should evoke a feeling of motivation and inspiration, (…hello it’s in your name!!!) not fear and or pity for someone else.

IMG_0626So Heather, if you are out there which I know you are, keep working and keep working hard.  Hard work in life is the great equalizer between those who make it and those who don’t.

As Thomas Jefferson said, it is the pursuit of happiness that we are all afforded the opportunity to chase in America and that pursuit is forever mingled with challenges, detours, ups, downs and more.

From this picture, Heather looks like she has her whole life ahead of her and so what if she spent a few years working here?

I’m more concerned with where it leads her to in the end.  She can still get whatever GED or high school diploma she needs if she did not receive it.  She can then apply for student loans and or pay her way through college, if that is the route she wants to take.

What if she were to meet her future husband at this job, then how bad would it have been to have worked in fast food?

What if the job…versus the high and mighty, all-knowing, educational institution, inspired her and gave her the passion to want to better her life and it was the experience working the 9 hour shifts, versus the 45 minute term paper, that lit the fire of passion for her future?

This ad is not only senseless, but irresponsible and I hope that this article somehow, someway, finds it’s way to someone from’s eyes and that they take a step back and realize the possible repercussions of their marketing.

I am now, officially, stepping down from my soap box, thank you…I’m here all week…try the veal…good night ladies and gentlemen!



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