Fill’er Up At Bing’s Burger Station – Cottonwood, AZ

IMG_0550 copy

If the small Arizona town of Cottonwood can make it’s way onto this blog twice in one year, it must be special!IMG_0546

You might remember my coverage of a an Antique shop in Arizona that simply is head and shoulders above the rest, well literally right next door is another gem that is, well, off the beaten path, if that path is say the tourist conga line of 89A, the main thoroughfare to and from Sedona.

If you venture off 89A however, which I highly recommend and check out downtown Cottonwood, you’ll find Bing’s Burger Station, believe me, you cannot miss it.

Bing’s certainly has one of those histories that I just simply love, the story of a second chance.  Opened just before the end of WWII in 1944, it looked basically just as you see it, but served as a service station, versus a restaurant/cafe.

By 1995, the original owners were forced to close up shop and the place that serviced countless numbers of automobiles from the glory days of Chevy and Ford, sat vacant for a decade.

Then in 2005, it was restored, not to be an auto repair shop with a cool gas station, but a restaurant, switching from oil changes and tune ups to burgers and shakes.

From the outside of the place, you would almost never know there is a restaurant inside.

The restaurant underwent a restoration, not a renovation so the shell of the former service station, along with other little nooks and crannies are very obvious.


A model car sits in the front of the place, along with antique gas pumps and makes for excellent photo opportunities.


The pumps, equipped with prices from the 1950’s, are very cool!


Again, the place doesn’t exactly give off the impression of a restaurant as I said, but still, worth the stop!  Let’s step inside now…


The walls are lined with license plates from around the country and even North America and gives the place even more of a “Route 66” feel.


In place of the grease rack is now a modern grill and counter top.


One of the cooler things you’ll find at Bing’s though is this giant mural of a former gas station attendant back in Bing’s heyday.  I love this portrait and the depiction of the service station turned restaurant is spot on.


Another view from inside the restaurant, even with the remodeling, the place is retro-fitted with tiled flooring, lighting, booths and more, all giving the impression that the place has been untouched by time.


IMG_0545When you’re at Bing’s you feel like you can be in Anytown U.S.A.  The view out the window could be a street scene from New York, or Los Angeles, or Yonkers, or anywhere, the place is timeless.

And while the restaurant is fairly new and still establishing its place in Cottonwood lore, I think it is more fun to dream of the days of yesteryear while sitting there with your burger and fries or tuna melt or if your lucky enough, one shake with two straws.

So many iconic scenes from the 1950’s always seem to come out of places like Bing’s.

I can totally see Fonzie and his friends taking over two booths, talking about girls, fast cars and how when they are old enough, they’re gonna get the hell out of this town, for good!



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