Irish News in Yonkers

Sigh…the summer has flown by, the leaves are about to turn and time has turned another page in my life, in yours and in the beleaguered city in which this blog was created for.

Today’s post is something old really and it is simply an FYI for those who have not seen it or have not partaken in it.

In the “Little Ireland” section of Yonkers on McLean Ave., where we have chronicled many things from bakeries to St. Patrick’s Day decor, another neat thing about this closely knit and proud ethnic section of the city is the fact that you can get Irish newspapers in many of the grocery stores in the area!

What a treat for those who are home sick or those who still care about issues back home to read publications like The Kerryman

The Clare Champion

Or my personal favorite, Leitrim Observer, which I find has less of the political mambo jumbo and they stick to more feature stories about the people of the neighborhoods.

Next time you run in for Lotto, Beer, a bacon and egg on a roll, or whatever fits your Bodega needs, also grab an Irish newspaper and immerse yourself in a culture that has called Yonkers home for over a century.



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