The King of Cross County is Dead

As quickly as it took to turn out the lights, the Burger King in Cross County, a main stay for over 40 years is now defunct, slated to lay dormant among the throng of commercial real estate until further notice.

Now I realize that many of you may be thinKING…why is he getting sentimental over a crappy lil Burger King.  Truth be told, I have spent hundreds of hours of my life, going back to the age when I was too young to walk into the store, waiting on lines, playing in multi-colored ball kiddie play areas and perhaps most fondly, mastering the game of Street Fighter II, which sat next to the game Mortal Combat near where the bathrooms are located.

These two video games alone kept me company and catapulted me to stardom through the 1990’s and on a rainy summer afternoon or a cold winter day, whether it was chicken fingers, quarter pounders or video games, my life always seemed to find its way into that Burger King.

And now it’s gone.  Will another franchisee buy the Burger King and simply turn back on the lights?  Who knows.  Will it become a Five Guys Burger…more than likely.

The fact remains that Yonkers, just like NYC, is a city that never disappoints in keeping up with the times and tearing down the old, before you can even catch your breath and have a chance to spend sometime sitting back and recalling your experiences from the past.

Is it not bad enough that the Cross County mall has received a 50 year facelift, rendering it completely unrecognizable?  The mall where I first learned what it was like to hold hands with a girl, to go out with friends with out the supervision of my mother and countless other coming of age experiences.

In my humble opinion, the original developers got it right and the mall in 2012 resembles a place that really has no character and fails in every attempt in my mind to bring people together and showcase an esthetic concourse for shopping and promenading.

The place is already under renovation with chairs and booths being taken out.

It’s an eerie sight to see the dimly lit counters of a Burger King.  This is so definitely a place that WOULD be open in one of those “I know what you did last summer” movies and the kids would run in because they were of course being chased.  Freddie Prinze Jr’s line would read, “Hello…hello…man, looks like this place is drive thru only…ahhhhhhhhh”

Well, I bid farewell to you my childhood friend and one that has served millions and millions over a long 40+ year career.  No more long lines. No more messed up orders.  No more nasty bathrooms.  No more Mr. Bean look-a-likes as managers…has anyone seen this guy or know who I am talking about??  No more colored ball play areas.  No more Street Fighter II.  Time to turn the page.



15 thoughts on “The King of Cross County is Dead

  1. I dont know Josh, what u r thinking, I am glad bk is going it was one gross place. Who in their right mind still ate there? When it first opened it was very nice but for the past 20 years yuck!!!!! I do miss the old stores in CC, like Wanamakers and Sterns, but as far as looks, I think the renovation was a sucess. I too miss the lions that sat by Sears, but what can u do. Good bye bk forever!!!!!! Joanne

  2. LOL I know Mr. Bean – I worked there very briefly as a teenager & he was the manager then. I forget his real name but he was one weird dude.

    • I would have guessed he was a little weird but YES….the guy looked EXACTLY like Mr. Bean and it always freaked me out! I assumed Rowan Atkinson just worked at Burger King during the off season of his show.

  3. That Burger King does bring back a lot of memories…guess they really want a variety of stores for people to choose from. After all, another burger king is 5 min away.

  4. i remember before there was a burger king. Is the restaurant called Cookies still there? Itwas an open outdoor mall then. Wow!

  5. Like many Burger Kings in the metropolitan area, this one opened on the former site of a Horn & Hardart restaurant. Horn & Hardart was best known for its chain of automats, in which the cafeteria itself was constituted as a giant walk-in vending machine. However, the Cross County Horn & Hardart was a conventional establishment, not an automat. But to this day, very old people are nostalgic for Horn & Hardart’s Depression-era comfort foods, which included baked beans, rice pudding, and macaroni and cheese.

  6. Obviously, CC is going for a more upscale clientele these days (despite what some may say the general boorishness of the crowds) and I think B.K. had to go. Besides Panera, there is an upscale burger joint BGR that has joined the fray. And I’m surprised you didn’t mention the other mainstay China City Express got pushed out, too. No more cheap eats at the mall!

  7. one season, way back when, burger king closed and they reopened it as CC Burgers, as in Cross County Burgers…then they shut their doors and Burger King came back…

  8. I think, keeping in line with the decision to bring in Red Lobster, a Popeyes Fried Chicken or White Castle would do great!

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