The Spookiest Spot in Yonkers

My apologies to those residents who live either near Getty Square or even on the now infamous Mill St.  I say “infamous” because I have unofficial cited it as the spookiest place in Yonkers for one reason in particular.  As you enter off Main St. you turn into a courtyard which is a dime-a-dozen, but as you proceed further into Mill St., it reveals its creepy secrets…

Proceeding toward the end of the courtyard, you begin to hear a rush a water and it is at this point that many people who have lived in this section of Yonkers know exactly what I am talking about.  For those who don’t though, proceed with caution…

In order to investigate further the sound of the rushing water, you need to open this gate…

Then, Mill St. reveals it’s secret, that the Saw Mill River, now in rapids form due to the flume that it has to travel through to flow beneath Getty Square, is exposed between two buildings and for a brief few seconds, whatever or whoever may be flowing downstream is hit with a ray of light before going back underground for the final 500 ft journey out toward the Hudson River.

Now truth be told, I was afraid…very afraid.  Afraid that someone could push me in or worse, pull me in.  Imagine seeing some transient riding the waves down river, bathing in its glory and having the time of his life, vicariously transporting himself out West to the mighty Colorado River.

I imagined Shredder himself, leader of the Foot Clan; pulling me into the river and into his world, where I would become a minion, tasked with defeating once and for all, those pesky Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

What ever the case, I think we learned something today.  That you can judge a book by its cover.  That small courtyards in downtown Yonkers can reveal secrets that sometimes you’re not prepared for.  That the Saw Mill River is truly a river of secrets, a river that pops in and out of daylight in dozens of locations along its snake-like journey toward the Hudson through Westchester.

Next time you find yourself in Getty Sq., be sure and check it out and while I suppose most of you will not experience the  trepidation that I did, I think you will enjoy Mill Street’s hidden little secret.



3 thoughts on “The Spookiest Spot in Yonkers

    • Hey Phil, I understand what you mean but it’s just that people have floated down stream many times and explored the flume and I dunno, I would freak out if I was on Mill St. and all of a sudden someone waved at me while floating on by.

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