Luck of the Irish on McLean Ave.

You have to love and respect the Irish representation that has been in place on McLean Ave. for generations now.  Sure places like Artuso’s Pastry Shop and Angelos Pizzaria hang tough with Italian pride, but in all honestly, the city should just get on with it already and put a Green line down between the double Yellow lines from about Central park Ave. east, till Bronx River Rd.

Things are so Irish over on the southeast side of Yonkers that they can get away with celebrating St. Patrick’s Day one week late, holding their first annual parade this past March and while the main event may have been the pipers and grand marshalls, I particularly was drawn to the window dressings along the avenue, all of which have been decked out all month in Irish green, but one in particular was very creative.

Blossom Flower Shop, a staple of the neighborhood for some time now, decided to go with a St. Patrick’s Day effigie that is recognizable to any ethnicity that happens to stroll by, a giant, green, all-knowing, all-powerful, pot of gold totting leprechaun.

Having been permanently scared for life from such horror movies about these guys, their presence irks me to that of circus clowns.  Still though, he does look festive with his almost finished mug of green beer and large lumberjack looking beard.

He can even be seen holding a bouquet of flowers, perhaps further proof that this leprechaun is a friendly, non-green-thumbed florist who enjoys a good pint almost as he enjoys putting together an array of flowers for all occasions.

I stand corrected, Leprechauns, when given a vocation other than jumping through Irish fields of grass, can be friendly and not psychopathic killers as portrayed in the movies.



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