After Nearly A Century…Gorton High School Gets A Marquee!

Well it only took 100 years, a mere stones throw from when the school was first erected on Park Ave. but finally, my Alma mater, the place where I came of age, finally has a marquee outside of the aging building.

Plans from what I have heard are still in place to tear down the original building and build a brand new, state-of-the-art, asbestos free center for learning, which would hopefully attract more students to the Northwest side of Yonkers.

The sign is nice though and hopefully will be a further source for school pride.  I know when I attended Gorton in the late 90’s, school pride was a big thing.  Football games, dances and other extra curriculars were well attended, hell even the Indian-American club had something like 200 members strong!

Call me a grumpy old man, call me a realist, call me whatever, but in the last decade or so, there seems to have been somewhat of a decline, both academically and spiritually at G-high.  One look at the football field is all one would need to understand what I’m talking about as I believe the field currently contains more dirt and rocks then blades of grass.

Surely the late Football Coach Don DeMatteo would not be happy with the condition of the field that bears his name.  I had the pleasure of having “coach” as a gym teacher all 4 years of High school and while most days it seemed as if we were hassling him, he was a good guy.  I say hassling because each class would go as follows.

Lets say class begins at 11am, he would waltz out of his office at about 11:10am, all the while we would just be sitting there like herds of cattle, waiting for him to come out and feed us or give us direction.  As he emerged out of his mancave of football videotape and playbooks, he would usually have a newspaper in hand, as well as the all important attendance sheet, which was the main event of gym class.

He would then take role call…making fun of a few people’s names in the process for his own amusement…the best being class Valedictorian Sharif Nesheiwat, who Coach DeMatteo would always proceed to break into song while saying his name, singing “I shot the Sharif…”

By the time senior year came around, he wouldn’t even leave his mancave and we would simply waltz in and check our own names off of the list, while he intently watched game film or on occasion, monitored the situation in the weight room.

All in all though, Coach cared about his players and by all accounts, he was a beloved coach who touched the lives of thousands of students in his 3 decades at Gorton.

As for the new and shiny sign outside of the school, I think coach would like it…that is assuming he ever was to leave the mancave to see it.



6 thoughts on “After Nearly A Century…Gorton High School Gets A Marquee!

    • Yea, just need to find an interesting way to post an article about it rather than just being like hey, PS 21 is a century old. Thanks though,for the suggestion and will do something soon on the school.

  1. Josh,

    Long time buddy! Thanks for the post, it put a smile on my face…although I am seeing it 8 months late. Coach D certainly was a Gorton institution and will always be remembered and missed. The deputy misses him also.


    • Hahaha…not sure how you stumbled upon this posting but thanks for reading and yea…GHigh is moving up in the world and perhaps next up they will replace the current building with an asbestos free one! Hope you’re good.


  2. That’s funny. I don’t remember much about GHigh other than the fact that it was runned down then and I bet it’s much worse now! I do miss Coach D. May he rest in peace, knowing the legacy he left behind.

    Jerry N.–Sharif’s brother, the “GREAT” class of ’94. Go Wolves!

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