Happy Thanksgiving and…

Well sincerest apologies to all whom have awaited the return of new postings on MyYonkers.  Let’s see what has happened since I last left:

  • Yonkers is hit with a freak October Snowstorm resulting in 4-8 inches of snow across the city
  • Mayor Mike Spano is voted into office rather convincingly, continuing on in the long family tradition of being Yonkers Legislators.
  • Ridge Hill officially opens its doors…no free parking, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do no collect $200.00.

That’s the great part about Yonkers and cities everywhere I suppose, no matter what your life is filled with, the city is constantly in motion and if you take a moment to turn away, you can miss things like Mayors, Snow Storms and the opening of commercial monstrosities.

In any case, I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day and look for more MyYonkers Posts to come in the near future including things like:

  • Chicken Island
  • The Scariest Spot in Yonkers
  • The Secret Stairs of Stew Leonard’s
  • New Sections of the Old PUT

For now though, I leave you with a thanksgiving memory.

My Day job, for those who do not know, is that I am a writer for an online news website called Patch.com.  Recently, I wrote an article, explaining how my Thanksgiving tradition always included going to someone else’s house…each and every year and NEVER having Thanksgiving at my own house.

I miss sharing the Ins and Outs of Yonkers with you all and I am very touched by how many people are actually enjoying MyYonkers!  I get emails very often asking about various places we have covered or places that people would like to have covered and bringing two things that I love, writing and Yonkers together in one place has been a passion and privilege that I have very much enjoyed over the past 9 months.

Here is my article titled: Thanksgiving On The Fifth Floor, Click on the link below to access it!




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