Gone Fishin’ for a while…

Hey everyone, my sincere apologies for the hiatus from posting on here, no I was not hit by a truck, no I was not swept away by Hurricane Irene.  Simply, I have not had enough time to sit down and write an article.

My schedule is hectic to say the least as right now I am attempting to cultivate two separate careers.  Much like superman, or Batman as I prefer, I have a day job and a night job and while my night job does not entail beating villains to a bloody pulp…at least not yet…still it is demanding.

Rest assured though, I will be back soon to write more articles about the ins and outs of Yonkers and in the meantime, if you have a place or location you think I should check out, I am always open for suggestions and would love to help out those who now live in other parts of the country but often wonder about their native home in Yonkers with new information on their favorite Yonkers landmarks.

Email me at myyonkers@gmail.com suggestions and I hope to have another article up here sometime soon!




One thought on “Gone Fishin’ for a while…

  1. Lovely excuse, but accepted in the spirit for which it is intended. Look forward to more ramblings and rumblings from Yonkers and points nearby. Whatever happened to The Pugilists Gym on Yonkers Avenue? Will you do anything to bring the Yonkers Marathon to the level at which the NYC event has been elevated, almost to heavenly status, by the flacks at the New York Roadrunners, or is that Road Runners (two words). The Yonkers Marathon, if still contested, is no cake in the walk as Yonkers is not nicknamed the Terrace City for specious reasons. Stay well, keep those cards and letters coming.

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