Turning Blood into Wine – Page Springs Cellars – Cornville AZ

Be honest…when you think of wine, Arizona does NOT come to mind.  We think California, Napa Valley to be exact, we think the South, we think Argentina, Italy, France, Spain…anywhere really, heck I would have voted New Jersey over Arizona if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes and was enlightened by what is a growing industry and one that people of the grand canyon state take great pride in.

Page Spring Cellars is one of the first vineyards I had ever visited in Arizona and while it’s location is perfect for not only growing grapes and to have an awesome tasting room to boot, it is also located only about 15 miles away from the red rocks of Sedona, in the high desert about 90 minutes north of Phoenix.

Owned by one of the most passionate winegrowers in the business, Eric Glomski was born for it and having spoken with him on more than one occasion, you can’t help but get sucked into his own little orbit of wine.

Another cool part about the vineyard is that a while back, Eric went partners with Maynard James Keenan, a.k.a. God, call him what you will, the TOOL frontman has Wine in his blood, having grandparents that made wine in northern Italy years ago.

Maynard has since taken a supporting role at  Page Springs because of the openings of his other two Wine endeavours, Merkin Vinyards and Caduceus Cellars.

I could go on and on about Maynard’s never-ending endeavours but I would be here all day, back to Page Springs, it is, in a word, picturesque.

With the backdrop of rolling foothills and the sound of Oak Creek rushing by, you instantly forget you are in Arizona, thanks in part to the fact that the winery’s tasting room has a beautiful back deck and with wine in glass and cheese in hand, you have got yourself a perfect Sunday afternoon.

The title of the post, “Blood into Wine” is actually the title of a documentary produced a few years ago that choronicals the wine making process, giving in my humble opinion, rare insights into the brains of Maynard and Eric and giving you an all-access pass into some of the painstaking process of wine making, especially in Arizona, where things like water and temperature can sometimes wreak havoc on the vines.

This year for example, too many hard frosts cost the wine makers dearly so it’s not always the heat that Arizona dishes out to its inhabitants.

Back to the tour of Page Spring Cellars…

Endless numbers of Drums are stacked like this throughout the warehouse portion of the winery, each with their own label, indicating the date and other information.

The vineyard itself is small, not only compared to others in the area but also to the much larger vineyards that Page Springs owns down in south-eastern Arizona where it is said to be the best location in the state for growing grapes.

This is one of the entry ways into the vineyard and as you can see…Arizona does not exactly come to mind when looking at this.

The wine making process is long, very long, long as in, were gonna be here a while, too long to explain or even begin to speak about on MyYonkers, long as in, patience and timing is the name of the game.  Here are some photos that I snagged of some of the various processes the wine and grapes go through.

Attention to detail: HIGH!  Very high attention to detail is given here at Page Springs, so much so that they do not even use any type of filtered water from AZ, nothing from the pipes, reverse osmosis or anything, they bring in “special water” even “holy water” from mountain sources around the country.  Again, one of Eric’s passions is to show people that you need to trust in your own senses and that anyone can be a purveyor of good wine.

Page Springs Cellars and Vineyard is certainly an excellent educational experience if you find yourself in the Sedona area of Arizona and you not only would like to visit a winery that has taken painstaking measures to yield a collection of reds and white that they are extraordinarily proud of, but also if you would like to take a crash course in wine-making and truly learn some of the processes behind the glass.

Tours are offered, just like the one I had with one of the managers of the property and you will simply be blown away by their array of knowledge and again, the passion in their eyes as they speak about their business in Wine.

There may not be a long-standing neighborhood history here with Page Springs, but what they have established can easily stand the test of time and create, if not so already, a polarity toward the Cornville area of Arizona, attracting Wine enthusiasts from miles and miles away, to the high deserts of Arizona.

For information on Page Spring Cellars, click here

For information on Caduceus Cellars (Maynard…A.K.A. God) Click Here……Do IT!!!!!



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