Making a Splash at Tibbetts Pool

Upon visiting Tibbetts pool or as they now refer to it as…”The Brook”, a person may never have a notion of what once was, a large football field of a pool that did not have fancy slides or an over-sized pail dumping water onto people but rather simple diving boards, shallow and deep ends…and well…that’s about it.

In this particular case, I have to side with the 21st century in not only updating the pool to meet modern standards of fun, but also using money wisely and adding to a recreational facility, rather than simply maintaining it.  The new pool or as I like to call it “water park” at Tibbetts is in one word, cool!  And perhaps more importantly, a place where kids and families will want to be for years to come.

This is a picture, albeit horrible in scale of the old days of the pool.  It’s from the Westchester County Archives and I like its grayness.  Most of us remember the rectangular shaped pool and I had spent many a days in the summer wading around in the shallow end, getting too much UV and invariably choking from swallowing one too many mouthfuls of chlorinated water.  That was then…

This is now…

Hooray for the kids that get to splash their way through their summer recess in style…

This sign I saw caught me off guard and seemed like one of the weirdest restrictions the parks department could have come up with.

So I guess if your cooler is less than a foot in length, you’re good to go.  Upon my visit, the lifeguards were engaged in what I can only describe as a synchronized training exercise as one after another they would blow their whistle and put their arms up signaling all clear.

With the 100-year-old bathhouse building as a backdrop, Tibbetts pool is a nice combination in my opinion of young and old, past and present.

Very highly suggest you spend at least one afternoon here in the near future.  Yes they have pool fees which can be found by clicking here. But more importantly, there is a history here, as there is with most of the places MyYonkers has gone.  Tibbetts is a very unique park and a place where the entire day can easily be spent with laying on the lawn, playing sports, hitting the brook and ending with a BBQ in the woods and an evening stroll.



6 thoughts on “Making a Splash at Tibbetts Pool

  1. In my opinion, nothing will ever compare to the old pool. Spent so many days at Tibbetts throughout my life from child to adult-I really miss it. Maybe I’ll take a ride in the fall to check it out again!

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