Searching for Train Tracks in Tibbetts Park

Tibbetts Park is one of the largest parks in Yonkers, opening all 161 acres in 1927 to the public and named for George Tibbetts who settled the land back in the 17th century.  The park not only serves as a year round destination for the people of Yonkers to run, jump, splash and play their way through sunny days, but also holds a great deal of history.

The Old Croton Aqueduct runs through the park. More importantly though, the old PUT line flanked the park to the west as it ran north toward Bryn Mawr Station.  As you can see, I have become a bit obsessed with this old train line as its ghost haunts my dreams at night and I am constantly being channeled from other worlds by its spirit to keep its memory alive…or perhaps I am just a History nerd.

This cool old picture on the left that I obtained from SoYo Snaps actually shows a Train passing on the very bridge that I was able to walk on and snap a few pics off of.  The Photo was likely taken in the 1950’s.


Last weekend I set out to find remnants of the Old Put Tracks that I had heard still existed near the park.  Spoiler Alert:

…I WAS DUPED!!  Maybe they do exist somewhere near the park but after a full hour of investigating, I could not find a thing…well I did find one thing but I will get to that later…

I was told that if you go to the base of the staircase that serves as the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Saw Mill River Parkway, they would be there…but as the above picture shows, there is nothing there.

I then went on the actual South County Trail…which is the modern-day version of the Old Put line which has been paved over and of course, I found nothing, which saddened me because I am still yet to see one piece of track from the Old Put!!

One find I did make as seen above is what looks like an original wood post that supported perhaps some power lines, originally connected to the tracks so that was kind of cool.  The South County Trail is one I would highly suggest you check out this summer or really anytime of the year!  Again it runs the entire length of the Old Put Line and the areas it covers through Yonkers are really serene and beautiful.

Plus you get really cool views, like this one over the Cross County Parkway.

If you are feeling up to it, the pedestrian bridge itself that crosses the Saw Mill Parkway is pretty historic and the overgrowth of vines makes for a nice lil shady spot in the summer.

I mentioned earlier that while I did not find the tracks that I was looking for…my shoe did find something else…

This must have been made by a Dorse…half Dog half Horse because it was the biggest pile of crap I have ever seen in my life.  I don’t know how I missed it as I approached it as it was dead center on the trail but as I stepped in it I thought, “man that’s squishy!”

They say it is good luck to step in Dog poo so we shall see…in any event, no tracks to report from Tibbetts, however a summer morning stroll with the woman of your dreams seemed to suffice.  If anyone does have information on where we can find exposed tracks from the Old Put line please leave the info in the comments section!!  I will definitely go and check it out…and of course, bring my pooper scooper.



6 thoughts on “Searching for Train Tracks in Tibbetts Park

  1. I recall seening and stumbling over remanants of track while walking my dog in Cook Field a few years ago. There’s a section of the line path near Homewood that I believe has not been paved over for the trailway.

    • Wow! I will definitely have to check that out. I know where cook field is but where is homewood? Which area of cook field? I get excited when someone mentions the PUT and original tracks 🙂

  2. Homewood street is at the north end of the park and the path is not accessible from the end of that street. Dense overgrowth, rough terrain and a stream separate the street from the path. The path is behind/above the restroom structure opposite the entrance to the park. I haven’t been up there in sometime but on the next sunny day, I’ll walk over there with my dog to see if anything is left of the tracks. Another location may be under the mile square road bridge right before tuckahoe road. Although they’re clearing for the trail in that area, there may be something left in some sections.

  3. BTW, I live at the top of the valley and used to hear and sometimes see the train in the mid 70’s as it crossed mile square road (right before palmer).

    • Wow! Awesome info on the PUT! Yea I may check out the area by Cook Field too. Your right, thy have cleared things out very nicely and the trail area by mile sq. is virtually complete with no tracks left behind.

  4. They may not have started clearing the section that winds east from Cook field through the Homewood neighborhood up to Mile Square Road yet. Although I don’t recall the details, I heard there was some sort of problem with connecting the trail in that neighborhood. Good Luck!

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