R.I.P.-The T.V. Tower of St. Joseph’s Seminary

On Thursday evening, a wicked line of thunderstorms, packed with 45mph winds, damaging hail and deadly lightning, slammed into the tri-state area, Yonkers in particular.  In the aftermath of the storm, this is what it left behind…

I will have full details on Monday but just wanted to break the news gently…

Yes I know it is just a piece of communication equipment, yes I know it is merely a T.V.tower, one that we just spoke about on MyYonkers Blog not too long ago, click here for the original article on the Tower.

The main shaft of the tower is in good condition from what I saw, but the iconic top, those “bug eyes” as I like to call them, now lie on the lawn of the St. Joseph’s Seminary.


As I mentioned before, more details on Monday, I hope everyone else stayed safe during what was a doozy of a Spring time Thunderstorm!

To Find Out What REALLY Happened…Click on Part II of the Story



6 thoughts on “R.I.P.-The T.V. Tower of St. Joseph’s Seminary

  1. I grew up on Morniingside ave from 1962 (b.) to 1982. From our brick townhouse (1896 management housing for the carpet factory), we had a perfect view of the tower. My mother would refer to the blinking red light atop as the ‘EYE’.
    She told us it was watching us, so we had better be good.
    There’s another story like that… Santa Claus.

    Thanks for a positive effort to city filled with great people and a wonderful history!

    Jim C

  2. I remember ice skating on the Seminary pond, at that time my parents owned a home on Dunwoodie St close to Sweetfield Circle, I was a member of a neighborhood team, the “Condors”.

    • Cool story Jack! Not sure if that pond is still in use or off limits in the winter…plus with global warming, it probably doesn’t even have enough time to freeze over anymore! Thanks for reading.

      • Also remember playing softbal with Gene Krupa in the early fiftys when I was home on leave, if his team won we would go back to his house and party, if his team lost, no party !!
        Great section to grow in, also helped another older neighbor trap muscrat basically where tht Xcounty shopping Ctr is now.

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