Exploring Yonkers’ Newest Resident-Westchester’s Ridge Hill

First off, my sincere apologies for the brief hiatus of posts.  I try on the MyYonkers Blog to post at least twice a week but as all of you know, life is life and sometimes the best laid plans go astray.

In any event, I finally made it up the hill, Ridge Hill to be exact and explored the monstrosity that is a city within a city and will now forever change what once was a peaceful hillside into a mecca for shopping, dining, entertainment, oh and you can live there too…

The site will have on it eventually a conglomeration of stores, most of which considered to be mid-range to even high-end retail, with Lord & Taylor the anchor store.  The site will boast about 500 residences, 160,000 sq ft of office space, the Showcase Cinema de Lux Ridge Hill (Movie Theater), 12 brand spanking new city blocks and two entry points, one-off Tuckahoe Rd and the main one-off of the NYS Thuway. A great Map of this has been provided by clicking here.

When I visited the site, much of it was still under construction so I will have to re-visit things once all is completed.  The thing I was most interested in however were the half a dozen or so brand new vantage points that people can now get of the Southeast side of Yonkers.

If anything, if you are opposed to the retail shops and everything that is associated with the project, you can still appreciate the views that have been opened up for us that could only have been achieved years ago by hiking up the hillside and trespassing on private ground in the process.

Looking to the North, you can now get a much better view of Grassy Sprain Reservoir and the parkway that flanks it from the east and west.

I do feel bad for the people who reside on the west side of the adjacent hillside as now their once secluded houses are forever exposed for all of Ridge Hill visitors to gaze at while shopping, working or eating.

Still though, all in all in my opinion this will be a revenue booster for the city, a revenue booster that as always comes with positive and negative consequences.  Will people forget about lil old Tuckahoe Rd. and the supermarkets and shops that offer similar services?

Will Ridge Hill itself be a commercial success?  Remember they must bring in new tenants to not only the private residences but also the office complex, while still offering the usual retail services that they are clearly marketing on the forefront of the complex.

One thing is for sure with the complex…no matter what happens, there will definitely be enough parking!!!  My goodness, there are about 5 parking structures I counted in all AND…you have to pay, so for those of you who avoid the Westchester Mall for that very reason, get ready to pony up big boy! (Not sure why I phrased it quite like that, must be the coffee.)

Yes it will take me time to get used to the new street names like Archer Ave and Fitzgerald St. but such is life.

Plans are such that the entire complex will be ready for use by the end of this year and based on my visit, with more than half of the complex still sitting in construction, I would say they have their work cut out for them.  My conclusion of Ridge Hill…like the French I am going with neutrality. On one hand it is great that Yonkers has a major project like this to stimulate jobs and revenue and on the other hand are all of the negatives that come out of a gamble such as this one.

Time will tell of Ridge Hill’s success and I definitely plan on taking more shots once things are completed in 2012.



10 thoughts on “Exploring Yonkers’ Newest Resident-Westchester’s Ridge Hill

  1. I welcome Ridge Hill. It’s nice to have another shopping mall in Yonkers and the city is in need of new residental construction. I’m not sure why people were opposed to it. Look around, it’s not exactly a booming city. We should be trying to change that.

    • I think Ridge Hill will bring more positives than negatives but with everything there is a give and take. Status Quo is something that many New Yorkers in general I think hold on too with an iron fist.

  2. I was excited to hear of an LL Bean store coming to NY, but then when I read you’ll have to pay to park I was sad as I won’t be routinely shopping at Ridge Hill if I have to pay to park. Oh well, it was a nice thought, but LL Bean would have to have a big blow out sale like 50+% off for it to possibly be worthwhile to make the trip and pay for parking. There are so many other free parking shopping centers throughout NY/NJ/CT. So, even though they might not have an LL Bean store, free parking sites is where I’ll be. Bad decision on Yonkers part 😦

  3. Yea it is unfortunate that ALL of the lots are pay to park. One of the negative bi-products in my opinion of living in NY and near NYC. I don’t think there is a single place to park your car in the entire city of White Plains for free!

  4. Do you know anything about the old factory that was just recently torn down on Ridge Hill? It looked like it had been abandoned for decades, and it had a tall brick chimney. It was visible from the NYS Thruway.

    It had remained standing for so much of the construction on top of Ridge Hill that I thought (and hoped) it was a historical landmark and therefore couldn’t be torn down. Apparently that wasn’t the case. It’s a shame. It seems like a lot of old buildings with a lot of character get destroyed in the name of progress.

    • Hey Kristen, I know exactly the structure you are talking about but no I do not have any further info for you. I will make some phone calls this week and see as I am friendly with the Yonkers Historical Society. Perhaps someone else on MyYonkers can shed some light.

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