The Best View of New York City in Yonkers

Obviously, this statement is at the least objective and certainly unscientific but since this is my blog, I suppose I can impose my will in some areas of the blog. This is a view of NYC from Yonkers that I grew up walking by many many times either on my way to Gorton High School, or going to or from girlfriend’s houses or god knows what else.

I have seen other views of the NYC skyline from Yonkers such as the view you get on the Hudson river, either at the Yonkers Pier or north or south of the pier.  When traveling south on the NYS Thruway, just passing the Yonkers Raceway there is a view of the city that at sunset, can be a breathtaking 10 second reprieve from the congested and often hazardous Thruway.

While there are many other points in Yonkers to view the skyline of Manhattan, from hilltops in Southwest Yonkers, to even areas near Sacred Heart High School, the highest point in the city, in my opinion, the greatest view of the city can be found on Palmer Rd.

Traveling around a bend on Palmer Rd. between Mile Sq. Rd and Halladay Ave and at the northern most point in Dunwoodie Golf Course, you look to the south, between two very lucky residences and there it is, Manhattan.

I cannot stress how lucky these two families are to own property right at this particular spot!  Imagine going out onto your back porch, sipping your morning coffee and simply watching the morning break over the most famous skyline in the world.

Your mind can be fooled into thinking that you are sitting on simply an extension of Central Park and that Yonkers, the Bronx and Harlem do not exist.

I have always dreamt of opening my own restaurant right here, and calling it “City Lights” for the priceless view my patrons would receive when sitting on the deck, sipping their margaritas and enjoying their meals.

These properties also sport an incredible view of St.Joseph’s Seminary, with its T.V. Tower.

Click here to see the location on a map! I am sure that we all have our favorite spots in the city to see well…the city.  My Mom used to like going onto the roof top of my apartment building, but of course in the 1980’s, they began prohibiting people up there, due to crime and drugs; but I did not have as many proud moments as a kid as I did when I showed her my favorite spot on Palmer Rd.

She was awestruck and gave me that heart warming smile and nod of approval that all kids yearn for.

Next time you’re on Palmer Rd, make plans to slow down around the bend and look to your south at the best view of Manhattan form Yonkers!



12 thoughts on “The Best View of New York City in Yonkers

  1. I’ve always been a fan of the NY skyline, but had never scene such a nice view as the one you offer here. Congratulations !

  2. Thanks Thomas! As I said in the post, there are many great views around Yonkers of NYC so I’m sure other people have their own favorite view.

  3. Excellant view: Intersection of Park Ave & Glenwood Ave (bewtween Ashburton ave & Lake ave.). The Empire State Bldg is pretty much centered and is best viewed in winter. Grew up with that skyline picture view which, of course, included the everpresent Twin Towers.

  4. I Also walked 5 years of my life from high st to Gorton 5 days a week. 0n 9/11 I was in gorton mom got me out as it was on lock down. on our drive down park ave was the first sight I saw of the smoke filled city. the skyline just never looked the same after it served as a daily reminder every time I walked home from school.

  5. I used to live on Ramsey ave. and always wished I lived in one of those houses! On 9-11 people were gathered there cuz you could see straight down there.

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