Cross County Center-Part 2-Missing: The Lions and Rams of Cross County

In my original post of Cross County and probably in the heads of many of you that have shopped at the mall say…prior to 2007, the great Lions and Rams that flanked the walkway between Wanamake…Damn it…Sears and the main area of the mall served as a great reminder of civic artistry and to anyone under the age of 15, a playground of sorts to climb and jump onto.

Recently, I was given more information about the whereabouts of the great stone structures, courtesy of an excellent Yonkers Blogger who goes by the name of “0144”. 

“SoYo Sunset” is the name of his blog and it is pretty ingenious actually because half of his blog, which is presented in discussion board fashion,  is dedicated solely to pictures of the city, past and present as he has painstakingly documented in my opinion about 99.9% of the entire city in photograph.  The other half of the blog entitled “Herald Statesman” is for all of the other elements of the city whether it is current event topics, political topics, etc. (Thanks for the clarification SoYo!)

So…according to his website, him and a friend were taking pictures of Cross County one day back in 2008 when they made a wrong turn in the parking lot and saw this!

Lions and Rams Oh My!

Not much information was given to them about their ultimate fate…would they be restored to their rightful home someday when the renovation of Cross County is completed?  Would they be as SoYo puts it, “fated to become lawn ornaments at Untermyer or will be ground up into kitty litter or calcium supplements?”

I just am very thankful that somebody….somebody got one last photo of these beautiful stone structures before they were carted away, perhaps to never see daylight again.  I cannot tell you how many times I have climbed on those rams and how many pictures I have posed for as a kid.

This my friends is what I love about the Myyonkers Blog!  A community of people who come from various sections of the city and who can in a collaborative effort, show their love for Yonkers.  Thanks again SoYo for being in the right place at the right time.



7 thoughts on “Cross County Center-Part 2-Missing: The Lions and Rams of Cross County

  1. Thank you very much for praising our work. But there is some confusion. SoYo Sunset has nothing to do with anyone named or using the name South Yonkers. SoYo Sunset is a discussion board — a kind of group blog — and most of the photo posts there are originated by me (using the name “0144”) and my colleague who uses the name “IMNick”.

    The Facebook page “South Yonkers Photos” is run by Ed Reilly. He happens to be a member and friend of SoYo Sunset and often links to our work, but his Facebook page and the SoYo Sunset discussion board are not formally related.

    As for SoYo Sunset, IMNick do hope to go back to the Cross County Center to survey the completion of the work there and perhaps to discover the whereabouts of the lions and rams.

    You are welcome to join SoYo Sunset and I hope you decide to do so.

    Please email me if you have any questions.

  2. Hey, I’m famous now! That’s me in the striped shirt contemplating the displaced lions and rams. Great blog you’ve got here, a nice complement to our SoYo Sunset. Good luck to you!

  3. Hey Dan, Thank you Thank you Thank you for uncovering this!! Growing up across the street, Cross County is one of my most beloved Yonkers locations.

  4. Having worked at Cross County in the 80’s and watched it’s decline in the 90’s, I’m glad it’s doing well. Tho it certainly had a lot more character back during the Lions and Rams days! I’d love to see more shots from the glory days. The store I worked out has almost no images posted on the web, Teepeedashery. It would be a hoot to actually be able to re-live it again.

  5. Did you ever find out what happened to them? I too have a history with them as a kid and would like to know their later fate.

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