The Antique Street Lamps on Warburton Ave.

At the risk of sounding foolish, I will pose the question and see what comes of it…what the heck are these beautifully crafted, historic looking lamps doing in people’s front yards on Warburton Ave?

I passed by a number of them throughout the years and while they have surely commanded the streets of Yonkers long before I did, I have often wondered how they got there, meaning well, how the heck does someone get to have such a beautiful piece of urban history on their property?

I mean did the city decide long ago that they would allow the property owners to keep the outdated yet elaborately decorated light fixtures on the property of the homeowners who were lucky enough to have one of these things in their yard?

Or did the property owners have to apply for a permit for these treasures, preserving them in their original habitat, so that morons like me can drive by years later and question their very existence?

Please comment as you see fit but I would like to see if anyone has any info out there in regard to how these things got there and why some houses have them and the unlucky ones do not.

The dragons, that seem to hold the light bulbs from the hair of their chinny chin chins are simply beautiful and a haunting reminder of the skilled craftmanship of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Not to mention that the lamps are anchored in a slab of concrete that I have to assume was placed somewhere else at some point.

I love how these time traveling lamps have made their way into modernity and that no matter what changes have occurred, they still seem to command respect and attention as modern-day bus stops, traffic and congestion attempt to obstruct their view of the world around them.

I am yet to see these lamps anywhere else in Yonkers other than Palisade Ave and Warburton Ave although I know they probably exist in other places around the city as well.  I feel like Robert Stack but  if you have any information about the street lamps, please be sure to leave a comment ( cue Unsolved Mysteries Theme )



10 thoughts on “The Antique Street Lamps on Warburton Ave.

  1. all of the lamps are a mark of one contractor who purchased restored and resold these property’s in the 70″s

    • Nice, thank you very much for the info. Oddly enough, I was at dinner tonight with my father-in-law and he told me a similar story! Mystery solved!

  2. I love these lamp posts! My wife and I recently purchased a home in North Yonkers off Palisade Ave. We would love to have one if those lamp posts in front of our house. If anyone out there knows of someone who would like to sell their lamp post please let me know – thanks : )

  3. I am in contract for a house I Warburton Ave and I have seen those lamps…and I want one! I feel like a kid. I def want one. They are absolutely beautiful.

    • They are rare and beautiful. Perhaps you can make a deal with a neighbor’s house and buy it off of them? They moved them once, they can move them again.

  4. great site. I am a fairly new resident of yonkers, warburton ave to be exact.. where can i find old pics of the houses on warburton ave.

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